About Blockseat

Ticketing Reimagined: A ticketing experience built for the fan. Secure, safe, and no hidden fees say good by to the days of ticketmaster and experience ticketing the way it was intended. Our technology eliminates scalpers, fraudulent tickets, and double sales all while increasing the fan experience. We use a combination of blockchain and nfc technology paired with ai to provide the best pricing, unique ticket stubs, and increase the in-event experience through exclusive offers and upgrades. Download today to experience the future of ticketing.


To download the Blockseat Mobile App visit the download page and follow links to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Available on iOS and Android.

Register for Exclusive Events

Browse the home page of our mobile app to find exclusive events and register. To see specific information about events and learn how to ensure you are prepared for the event on the day-of, view the events page.